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Tips for flowers lovers: places to visit in Italy before summer

posted by Home In Italy on May 20th, 2016

Spring time opens the doors of ancient castles and historic villas, organizes fairs of flowers and plants all around the country. Too cold to go to the beach, too hot to stay indoors losing the first rays of sun announcing the summer. This is the period of daytrips and, why not it is tempting to shop in the markets and buy plants and flowers.

Inviting is the name of this exhibition market held in Brescia: “Show the Blooming”, an event in which there will be 350 varieties of collectible roses in bloom from April 24 until June 5.
Where: Bresia, Ciliverghe, Via Portesi 23
When: From April 24 to June 5

The Quistini castle is an historic residence dating back to the sixteenth century. Every Sunday in May and June the botanic garden is open to the public: guided tours “between roses, history and legend” are organized daily at 11:00 an and 4:00 pm. Moreover, on the 21st and 22nd of May, there is the “Flower Market”, a floral event dedicated to all the lovers of flowers, plants, gardening and creativity linked to nature.
Where: Brescia, Castello Quistini, Via Sopramura 3A
When: From May 1 to June 26

It is impossible not to love the old roses; an opportunity to grasp the essence of the more delicate gentle scent that nature can offer us. In Modena, more precisely in Montagnana di Serramazzoni, three hectares of greenery are dedicated to the old rose: the rose garden is home to over 800 varieties of roses, ordered following the systematic botany in the membership section and separated by paths of grass.
Where: Modena Serramazzoni Montagnana, via Nord 10250
When: Until June 30

Ceramics Classes in Umbria

posted by Home In Italy on May 4th, 2016

At the Grazia factory in Deruta, Umbria, ceramics classes are starting!

The Master painter will teach you the basic decoration technique: the stencil, the making of the border and the painting of the object in the traditional Deruta designs.
Certificate of attendance will be released.

The classes will take place from 9.00 am to 1.00 pm.
May: Thursday 26th
June: Thursday 16th, Friday 24th & Thursday30th
Attendance quote: 80,00 euro

Great news from Pompeii: five domus have been restored

posted by Home In Italy on April 20th, 2016

Double opening for the archeological site and the museum. From the Octavio Quartius gardens to the huge complex of Julia Felix and the extraordinary viridarium of the House of the goddess of the sea. While Pompeii preserves the appearance of a unique, large restoration site, its cultural offer is increasing: 5 new domus and the Amphitheatre are now open to the public, together with the art exhibition “Myth and nature” in the Archeological Museum in Naples.

The five houses amaze the visitors with their beauty. Here the gardens of Casa Octavius Quartius, where there are the fresco of the double suicide of love of Pyramus and Thisbe and Narciso, mirrored in the waters .
Next to it, the viridarium of the House of Venus in the shell: on the back wall the painting of the goddess of the sea, back to its ancient splendor, and the reproduction of a stature of Mars.
The grandiose complex of Julia Felix is also reopening, a hotel with spa facilities and the porch with square marble columns.

A surprise is offered by the House of Orchard, well known for its garden frescoes and the atrium decorated with mosaic in black and white and a beautiful marble table column. Also eagerly awaited is the reopening of Marcus Lucretius House that charmed Pablo Picasso and Leonide Massine, immortalized in that same garden by photographer Jean Cocteau in 1917.

Milano, the fashion capital

posted by Home In Italy on April 14th, 2016

The fashion week in Milan is a famous event held twice a year, usually in January or February and September, in Milan, the fashion capital of Italy. The fashion week in Milan was established in 1958 and it coordinates and promotes the development of Italian fashion. The event of Milan is part of the “Big Four”, ie the four events considered particularly important as they held in the fashion capitals of the world (New York, London, Milan and Paris)

Milan has a deserved reputation of being the haute couture fashion center of Europe, and a walk around the center of the city, bordered by Via Montenapoleone, Via Manzoni, Via della Spiga and Corso Venezia will give you the possibility to admire the famous collections of Italian and international designers.
The best designers are showcased on the catwalk during the fashion weeks and celebrities from the show business world are guests expected.

While the parades are unfortunately only reserved for those who have an invitation, there are many peripheral events where visitors can get involved. For the occasion, the whole city celebrates and the population increasingly fashionable in Milano becomes even more elegant in this period – the roads are walkways!

Venue: Fiera Milano Exhibition Centre and various historical venues throughout Milan
Date: Milano Moda Uomo 18 – 21 June 2016
Website: www.cameramoda.it