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The two most beautiful parks in Italy: the Garden of Ninfa and the garden of Villa Medici

posted by Home In Italy on November 25th, 2015

Written by Piero Carlesi – Touring club
The XIII edition of “The most beautiful park of Italy” competition awarded the Garden of Ninfa in the category private parks and the Gardens of Villa Medici in the category of public parks. The scientific committee selected these two natural jewels among more than thousand candidates, all of them part of the network of the Most Beautiful Parks of Italy (Parchi Più Belli d’Italia) and reviewed on the online guide www.ilparcopiubello.it, which has been promoting a naturalistic tourism in Italy for the past thirteen years.
The two parks can be visited during the same weekend, since they are about seventy Kms away from each other.

The Garden of Ninfa, in Cisterna di Latina, Lazio, was founded on the ruins of the ancient city, respecting the balance of the ecosystem and combining colours. Villa Medici is locatd in Rome, next to Trinità dei Monti. The villa is now property of the French State and houses the French Academy. The 7 hectares – garden still maintains much of the look it had in the sixteenth century.

Otranto, east side of Puglia

posted by Home In Italy on November 19th, 2015

Otranto, facing towards the east, with its castle and cathedral, one of the most important witnesses of the Apulian Romanesque. Here you can admire the large Mosaic floor, millions of multicolored tiles that tell the story of the Old Testament, the cycle of each month of the year combined with the signs of Zodiac and the three of life along with themes from the chivalry cycles. It is one of the most important mosaic of the Italian Middle Ages.

Those who have the time to take a plunge in one of the most beautiful natural swimming pool, have to turn and go towards Torre dell’ Orso. On the coastline of Roca Vecchia you find Grotta della Poesia, an ancient place of worship invaded by the sea, whose walls are covered with mysterious inscriptions. There are many stories on this cave: From the story of a princess who loved to bathe, to the poets who came to the cave looking for inspiration. According to some people the water of the cave could give you eternal youth, according to others it is a gracious place to the oaths of love.

The truth is that during these days of autumn you most probably will be alone. Legends aside, having such an amazing miracle of nature all for you is not bad at all.

10 towns to visit in Italy during Autumn

posted by Home In Italy on November 3rd, 2015

Van Gogh, Cezanne, Gauguin, Monet, Matisse, Picasso, the avant-garde of the ’900 are all in Genoa for an exhibition event hosted at Palazzo Ducale. From the impressionists to Picasso, the exhibition consists of 52 masterpieces coming from the Detroit Institute of Arts which will remain in the city until next 10th April 2016.

A perfect opportunity to spend a weekend in Genoa: walk along the medieval center, visit the Palazzi Rolli (the aristocratic buildings of the city), stop to eat pasta with pesto, chicken and tripe.

10 towns to visit in Italy during Autumn

posted by Home In Italy on November 2nd, 2015

The center of the town is a UNESCO World Heritage site, and there are at least three tours to do in a perfect weekend. The first one, the classic tour starting from Piazza Duomo to visit the Cathedral of Sant’Agata and the fountain of the elephant, symbol of the city. Then follow the Etnea road and reach the Bellini Garden.

The second trip is in a place away from the usual tour: the Monastery of St. Nicolò l’Arena, one of the largest Benedictine monasteries in Europe. The third: Chagall Love and Life exhibition. It includes some of the finest works by the artist hosted at the Castello Ursino.