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posted by Home In Italy on December 5th, 2016

Summer has finished, but we are still in need of a nice day of relaxation and fun at the beach, maybe in one of the gorgeous spots of Salento or why not even on the Gargano peninsula.
Today we will discover the ten most beautiful beaches of Salento! Here’s the list of the best destinations for sea lovers:

Baia dei Turchi:

takes its name from the Turkish invasion during the sixteenth century, which was aimed at converting people to Islam. The free beach is of great interest from a naturalistic point of view.

Torre dell’Orso:

the myth says that two young girls, bathing in the sea during a storm, died in the attempt to save themselves. The sacrifice struck the gods and, in remembrance of the fact, they shaped two sea stacks in a way that they looked embraced with one another.

Lido degli Angeli:

stunning sea and sand, especially when the wind blows from the North. The water becomes quickly deep which makes it perfect for swim lovers.

Porto Selvaggio:

water is simply gorgeous, the beach is rocky. The cliffs are noteworthy too for their beauty.
Pescoluse: water and sand are truly incredible, so as to be compared to the Maldives. There is a free beach equipped with basic facilities.

Ponte Ciolo:

a deep gorge, with a long stone staircase to reach the sea. What makes it even more special is a cave which is accessible only by sea.

Porto Badisco:

in this place the vicissitudes of the Aeneid take place within a beautiful scenery. The graffiti in the Deer Cave, are perfect for lovers of symbolic places. Even the sand and the rocks, together with the water, offer a unique natural setting.

Punta Pizzo:

it is a place of Caribbean appearance, which is also a protected area, where sand, rocks, crystal clear water and a pine forest, create a place of unique beauty for a day of relaxation.

Roca Vecchia – Cave of Poetry:

in this corner of Salento, the small coves and the archaeological park offer a unique scenery, allowing the visitor to immerse himself in the traditional “Messapi” daily life, the antique population of the region . The beauty of the Cave of Poetry is also unforgettable.

Torre Sant’Andrea – Conca Specchiulla:

we conclude our overview with a lovely rocky place, where the stacks embrace the clear waters.

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posted by Home In Italy on December 2nd, 2016

Listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Castel del Monte was built by Emperor Federico II in the thirteenth century, 18 km from the town of Andria, Puglia.

Castel del Monte has been studied by historians, architects and mere observers, based on assumptions and beliefs very different, sometimes irreconcilable: some see it “simply” as a magnificent building, a masterpiece of style, a comfortable mansion; others consider it a temple of high spirituality, an esoteric book, the culmination of the initiatory knowledge.

Castel del Monte is affected by the legendary and totalizing personality of Federico II and everything in the castle is based on the magic number 8. Moreover, the castle has many symbolic, mathematical and geometrical matches. The floors, fireplaces, windows, everything seems to follow the sequence of the famous mathematician Fibonacci.

References to astronomy are not missing: the columns at the entrance have two lions, one of them looks exactly in the direction where the sun rises during the winter solstice, while the other looks in the direction where the sun rises during the summer solstice.

If you go to Apulia, do not miss the opportunity to visit this magic castle!

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posted by Home In Italy on November 28th, 2016

Some people of the Sardinian population has been asked to report, through a Facebook page, the places of Sardinia to visit at least once in your lifetime. The love for this island is huge and created a report of 56 different places. Some places seem to be more loved than others and, since the island doesn’t only consist of sea, here below the top 10 of must seen places in Sardinia.

1. Cala Mariolu

In the first place, one of the most spectacular beaches: Cala Mariolu, a beach made up of small pebbles so white they dazzle you, such as in the Gulf of Orosei. The most accessible way to get to the cove is by boat, but there is also a path on land.

2. Villaggio di Tiscali
The second place of Sardinia most recommended places is not a beach, but an archaeological site of the Nuraghi. Not many people know, in fact, that Tiscali is the name of an ancient village in the municipality of Oliena and Dorgali, located on the mountain Tiscali. The village is entirely built along the walls of Dolina and is not visible until you reach the inside of the cavity, through a large opening in the walls made of rocks.
It is a place with a very suggestive atmosphere: on the wall made of rocks there is a large window from where the valley of Lanaittu dominates.

3. Cala Goloritzé

This is a natural monument, among the most beautiful and loved bays of Sardinia. Cala Goloritzé got born by a landslide in 1962 and became famous for its pinnacle of 143 meters high. Another characteristic feature of the beach is the natural arch that opens on the right side of the bay.

4. Parco Nazionale dell’ Arcipelago della Maddalena

This beautiful archipelago off the Smeralda coast includes Caprera, Santo Stefano, Spargi, Budelli, Razzoli and Santa Maria and is a protected Marine land area. The Maddalena Archipelago is a popular destination for boaters because of the natural beauty and pristine emerald colored waters.

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5. Chia

In the south west of Sardinia where the crystal waters snuggling among the picturesque rocky ravines, while not far away pink flamingos find their ideal home. Chia (or Bay of Chia) is located in the Gulf of Angels and is a succession of beaches and dunes. The most beautiful among them are Giudeu and Cala Cipolla.

6. On Gorropu

According to the Sardinian population this place encloses the free and wild spirit of the island. You must visit at least one in your life time the gorge of Su Gorropu (Gola di Gorropu) and the canyon Supramonte is a must. Located between the towns of Orgosolo and Urzulei, with its more than 500 meters in height and a width that varies from a few dozen to 4 m, is considered one of the deepest canyons in Europe. The canyon is reachable by a hiking trip of three hours along the path of Sedda ar Baccas.

7. Stintino

This is one of the most famous places of Sardinia. In the north of the island, in the province of Sassari, the long white beaches are the pride of the small village which was built to host 45 families forced to leave l’Asinara which became the head quarters of a military hospital and a criminal colony. The main tourist attraction is the beach of Stintino, La Pelosa, made of fine white sand and turquoise-blue sea with very shallow waters. The symbol is the Aragonese tower, built in 1578, called Tower of the Hairy.

8. Costa Smeralda

This territory has become synonymous to high society, limiting the locals of visiting this place, but its beauty and its particularities are undeniable. The locals advise to just enjoy it for what it is: a piece of coastline between the most fascinating in the world. It includes a part of the north east coast of the island and is characterized by numerous bays, small beaches and islands including the Archipelago of Maddalena.

9. Strada litoranea Bosa

Since you often reach Sardinia by car, it is a must to go on this stretch of road in the province of Alghero (VIEW MAP) which offers a landscape of many facets: beautiful cliffs overlooking the sea, unspoiled nature and breathtaking scenery. A landscape of one of the most wild and beautiful of Sardinia and the Mediterranean which could also become a World Heritage.

10. Barbagia

The people of Sardinia call it ‘bitter sweet Barbagia’ and represents the heart of Sardinia. Here you will not find any beautiful bays nor crystal clear waters. It includes a vast mountainous region in the center of Sardinia, which extends on the sides of the massive Gennargentu.

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posted by Home In Italy on November 8th, 2016

When choosing the Amalfi Coast as a destination for a trip, the first question that arises is “where to stay”?
The first thing to do definitely to understand which kind of holiday you would like to have; if you want to move and do many tours, the suggestions would be the towns Positano and Amalfi, from where it is easier to get around. But if you really prefer a relaxing stay, you could opt for Praiano, Ravello or small resorts such as Conca dei Marini.


This is the right place for you if:
You are looking for a quiet place with beautiful landscape
You love music: every summer in Ravello an important music festival is held
Not to recommend if:
You love the beach life: it is the only place of the Amalfi Coast situated away from the sea (it is located in the hills)

Amalfi and Atrani

Are perfect for:
Those who love history and architecture
Those who want to be in the center of the Amalfi Coast
Not ideal for:
Those looking for a quiet and withdrawn place: especially during high season the Amalfi Coast can be chaotic

Praiano and Conca dei Marini

The ideal place for:
Couples on their honeymoon; it is a place filled with romance
Lovers of beach life; it is one of the towns on the Amalfi Coast where the sun sets later in the evening
Trekkers; from these places you can take the ‘Sentiero degli Dei’
Choose carefully:
If you want do to excursions to Pompeii, Herculaneum, Naples and Paestum. It is located quite a distance from the main connecting points.


Is the best choice for:
Young romantic couples
Lovers of glamour and nightlife
Can be unwieldy if:
Travelling with children in strollers; it is a vertical city and the permanent presence of stairs would make it difficult to move

Sant’ Agata and Nerano

Are perfect to:
Make a gastronomic tour enjoying the flavors of the coast
Enjoy long days on the beach
Better elsewhere if:
You want to travel far and long distances: it is located closer to the Sorrento coastline than the Amalfi Coast

Minori and Maiori

Is the best choice if:
You travel with children; the beach of Maiori is the most comfortable one on the Amalfi coast and has a great promenade
Better elsewhere if:
You are a couple looking for a glamorous and fashionable place

Cetara and Vietri sul Mare

To be selected if:
For you being on holidays means mainly to eat well
You seek a true glimpse of the Amalfi Coast
You will find better elsewhere if:
You are looking for glamour and worldwide experience