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Picasso and his passions

posted by Home In Italy on January 5th, 2016

Theatre, circus, bullfighting, women and politics have passionate the life of Pablo Picasso and have fuelled his artistic creativity. In Pavia, at the Palace Vistarino, over 200 works are the evidence: drawings, ceramics and oils, from private collections from all over the world, and from the Museum of Malaga Mija. The exhibition provides a comprehensive overview on the evolution of style of Picasso and his skills in eclectic compete with different techniques and materials: from lithography to design, from painting to ceramics, from gouache to ink of china. But who was Picasso? He was not an easy person, but he was a genius who loved to experiment. All these elements are fully reflected in his art. Considered the most great artist of the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso is celebrated from Pavia with the exhibition “Picasso and his passions” at Palazzo Bellisomi Vistarino
19.12.2015 – 20.03.2016
Palazzo Vistarino, Via Sant’Ennodio, 26, Pavia

Christmas markets in South Tyrol

posted by Home In Italy on December 9th, 2015

Here our 5 stars itinerary for this Christmas: five cities of South Tyrol that are welcoming Christmas with suggestive street markets.

The first one is the medieval city of Bressanone, where it is possible to buy local handicraft; nativity scenes, sculptures, hand made potteries, candles and Christmas decorations. Not to miss the Nativity Scene museum, proof of a tradition lasting since 1200.

The second star is Brunico, a perfect location for those who want to add the amusement of the Plan the Corones slopes. The streets of Brunico are overwhelmed with the smells and flavors of this land: from the Vin Brulé wine to the typical desserts.

The third stop is in Merano, the ideal place for relaxing and have fun at the same time with its thermal baths, the trekking paths and the suggestive Christmas markets.

The fourth star is the lovely Vipiteno. This city develops along a long narrow pedestrian street with lovely wooden houses. The late-medieval architecture bears witness of the affluence of many mining entrepreneurs who, around 1300, with their economic resources and their cosmopolitan conception, gave a special impression to the essence of the city.
The splendor of that era, combined with the exemplary restoration, have made it possible to insert Vipiteno in the catalog of the most beautiful towns of Italy.

Last stop of this fascinating journey is Bolzano.

The Italian islands where mermaids swim

posted by Home In Italy on December 3rd, 2015

Three amazing islands located along the Amalfi Coast, facing Positano, beautiful and … damn. We are talking about Li Galli, an archipelago consisting of three islands: Gallo Lungo, La Rotonda and Dei Briganti.

The enormous appeal of these islands, besides their natural beauty, is given from having inspired many legends. Mentioned for the first time by the geographer Strabo (I century B.C.), they appear in the Greek mythology as the home of a group of mermaids, the well-known mythological creatures who bewitched the sailors with their singing, thus wrecked their boats. The only ones who have managed to escape this unfortunate fate are Ulysses and the Argonauts. Greek Mythology aside, to navigate these waters was really dangerous: the strong currents of this stretch of sea often brought the boats to crash into the rocks and wreck.
History has it that even the name of these islands is linked to their particular inhabitants: in the Greek myth sirens had, in fact, the half woman and half bird body, hence the name roosters.

The largest island has three villas and a stone tower with a cumulative 13 bedrooms. There’s also a helipad, boat storage, three swimming pools and two 30-foot boats. The entire estate (islands and villas) is for sale at 195 million Euros.

Rome. A permanent exhibition illustrating 70 years of film history

posted by Home In Italy on December 2nd, 2015

The magic of the Seventh Art in one of the places that have seen the birth of masterpieces known worldwide: Cinecittà, the temple of Italian cinema, opens with an exhibition that describes 70 years of cinema.

Girando a Cinecittà - Shooting in Cinecittà is the name of the exhibition that will drive you in the enchanting atmosphere of the “Hollywood on the Tiber”. From the great films of the origins to the war movies, from the Renaissance though the neorealism and the golden age of the the 60s to the foreign productions, Shooting in Cinecittà shows photographs, costumes, set design, objects of films shot in the Roman soundstages, such as “Quo Vadis?” directed by Mervyn LeRoy, “Senso” by Luchino Visconti, “Fistful of Dollars” and “Once upon a time in America” by Sergio Leone, or Bertolucci’s “The Last Emperor”.

Visiting the exhibition is a time-and-space travel in one of the least known area of the Italian capital which contains the secrets of one of the largest film industries of Europe. Not to mention that Italy is one of the favourite sets of the most famous film directors around the world.