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Secret Italy to be discovered | part two

posted by Home In Italy on February 11th, 2016

Villages and towns with an ancient history, that have preserved their most intimate and silent soul, far away from mass tourism. Fishing villages, castles inhabited by ghosts, cultural or natural oases hermitages.
The voyage continues…and stops in the Marche region. Here is the most fascinating underground routes of the country: the caves “Grotte di Frasassi”, with inlaid stalactites, gigantic stalagmites, lakes enclosed between crystal arabesques, alabaster lances dangling from the majestic vaults.

In Lazio region, near Viterbo, there is an unusual garden to get lost in: Villa Lante and its amazing park, with incredible waterfalls.
And yet to try is a bath in the thermal waters of the Cave of the Nymphs in Cerchiara di Calabria (Cosenza). These nymphs jealously guarded their secret of eternal beauty, linked to the use of the sulphurous waters. Today it is a pleasure for ordinary mortals to enjoy the benefits of these warm waters, the spa complex.

Secret Italy to be discovered

posted by Home In Italy on February 4th, 2016

Mines, castles, villages of fishermen and natural oasis. A book reveals 101 “unusual” places in Italy worth to be visited at least once in a lifetime.
A place not to be missed.” “I do recommend it, you should go there!”. These are the phrases you probably have heard from friends and relatives returning from their holiday in Italy. But if you are planning a trip in the Bel Paese, how to decide where to go? The choice is often a problem, especially if you have already visited the most famous destinations of Italy.
Some ideas might come from a book, “101 unusual places in Italy where to go at least once in a lifetime “(Newton Compton Editori), written by the journalist Giuseppe Ortolano. He selected the most hidden jewels of Italy, destinations accessible to all, from North to South, easy to reach and not too expensive.
Villages and towns with an ancient history which were able to preserve their most intimate and silent soul, far from tourism mass. Fishing villages, castles inhabited by ghosts, silent and cultural oasis.
Where to start from?
Away from the clamor of Venice, one ideas could be discovering the hidden islands of the Venetian lagoon. Among these, the island of Vignole, with it ruins of the ancient church Santa Erosia and San Lazzaro degli Armeni, an island home to one of the first centers of the Armenian culture.

Even more unusual is a tour in Rovereto, in the province of Trento, where it is possible to follow the footsteps of the dinosaurs in the paleontological site.
To satisfy your “sweet doing nothing” desire, just go in Renon (Bolzano), where the Freud-Promenade path connects connects Soprabolzano to Collalbo in about one hour. And in the midst of this beautiful scenery, enjoy nature and fresh air.

For those who love the thrill and mystery, Ortolano recommend a “ghosts hunting” in the Castles of Parma and Piacenza. The Bardi Castle was home to the khight Morello, who killed himself for love. The
wandering of his restless spirit was even photographed by two Bolognese parapsychologists.
Another gentle ghost, the fairy Berna, occupies the castle of Montechiarugolo. It is said to appear to the young women on the eve of the wedding day to educate them on their new life. From ghosts to goblins the step is very short!

Picasso and his passions

posted by Home In Italy on January 5th, 2016

Theatre, circus, bullfighting, women and politics have passionate the life of Pablo Picasso and have fuelled his artistic creativity. In Pavia, at the Palace Vistarino, over 200 works are the evidence: drawings, ceramics and oils, from private collections from all over the world, and from the Museum of Malaga Mija. The exhibition provides a comprehensive overview on the evolution of style of Picasso and his skills in eclectic compete with different techniques and materials: from lithography to design, from painting to ceramics, from gouache to ink of china. But who was Picasso? He was not an easy person, but he was a genius who loved to experiment. All these elements are fully reflected in his art. Considered the most great artist of the twentieth century, Pablo Picasso is celebrated from Pavia with the exhibition “Picasso and his passions” at Palazzo Bellisomi Vistarino
19.12.2015 – 20.03.2016
Palazzo Vistarino, Via Sant’Ennodio, 26, Pavia

Umbria Jazz Winter @Orvieto: 100 artists in 5 days to celebrate the New Year!

posted by Home In Italy on December 30th, 2015

It has now become a tradition for Orvieto to welcome the new year to the rhythm of music. From December the 30th 2015 to January the 3rd 2016 the town will host the winter edition of Umbria Jazz: five days of music at the highest level, concerts and performances.

The Winter Umbria Jazz in Orvieto

it will not be only jazz music to enliven the evenings, but also blues, soul and gospel to be listened and appreciated all around the city, at different hours of the day and the night. Most of the eveining concerts are held in the Theatre Manicnelli , in Palazzo del Popolo and Palazzo dei Sette.
Jarrod Lawson and Allan Harris will play in the stunning Cathedral of Orvieto. And in the Cathedral, during the Mass celebrated in the afternoon of New Year’s Day, it will raise the notes of a vibrant gospel concert, expression and synthesis of different cultures and religious beliefs.

Let's celebrate New Year's Eve in Umbria