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Italy's largest lake, Garda is one of the pearls of Italy's touristic scene. The lake's landscape, dominated by mountains, is an excellent vacation sport all year-long. Visitors can take in sports and nature, without renouncing entertainment, culture and local history. A few selection of luxurious villas in Garda Lake can be found here for you.

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€ 8250 - € 11580/week
coastal   lake garda
sleeps 14

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The landscape of Lake Garda is particularly picturesque; it narrows in Trentino, appearing as a fiord between the high mountains. Land of confluence between Latin and Nordic worlds, Trentino Alto Adige is the guardian of a remarkable cultural heritage ... more ›


Here, the magnificent scenery was enough to inspire celebrated personages as Catullus, Dante Alighieri, Goethe, Byron and Stendhal. The communities facing the lake Sirmione, with the Rocca Scaligera and Grotto of Catullus, and the Gardone Riviera ...more ›

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