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Surprising and wonderful in its diversity, this region of Central Italy, with its winding yet symmetrical form, shows off its multi-faceted beauty through cliffs and caves that overlook unforgettable beaches, hills that are steeped in history, and rich traditions and cultures, all set against a backdrop of mountains. Visit our tastefully furnished villas in Marches.

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€ 3000 - € 5700/week
coastal   marche
sleeps 11 or 9

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When you think of the region of The Marches, your mind is taken to lands of culture, art, history, folklore, fun and international events. There are numerous cities of interest: Urbino, Ascoli, Piceno, Camerino, Macerata, San Leo ... more ›


At the southern foot of Monte Conero lies the beach of Numana, one of the two bays formed under the cliff and overlooked by the historical town centre, known as Numana Alta ...more ›


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