Lake Como region

The Como Province lies on the western shore of Lake Como for all its length covering a surface of about 1288 square km. So far it may be considered a "small Province". But the small extension must not deceive, because in very few other Italian places the visitor may find a so surprising and rich choice of different environments, landscapes and settlements. In few miles you may find the mountains and the lake, the wild Alp valleys and the industrial area of Brianza, the urban area of Como and villages of few houses, the fauna oasis in the north and the ski areas in the south.

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Como to Bellagio along the western side of the Lake Como: take a charming trip to discover the Sacro Monte of Ossuccio on the Island of Comacina; which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site; this area offers enjoyable itineraries around old medieval towns, around villas from the 1700s immersed in green mountains. The territory of Como is a varied one, with mountains, lake, plain ground and valleys; the city of Como is at the foot of Mount Brunate and is surrounded by hills and the Pre-Alps, and looks out over the southern side of Lake Como.
This area is full of little towns overlooking the lake and built atop hills, as if in silent contemplation of the calm waters. The areas around the lake make ideal holiday destinations all year around; they are reachable by boat, via cableway or by car on smaller roads offering charming landscape views. Everything around Como speaks of Alessandro Volta, the famous inventor of the battery who was born here, and to whom many monuments are dedicated.

Lake Como
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