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The properties we offer vary in location, size and quality. They can be on the edge of a village, close to shops and restaurants or, at the other end of the scale, remote on a panoramic hilltop. The grounds can vary from terraces to vast lawns. All the properties we have to offer are of differing styles as they are all private homes, but they are all of a high or deluxe standard. So let us assist you in choosing the right property according to your requirements.

what is included in the cost of renting the villa?

› the exclusive use of the property
› maid service according to what stated on the price list
› cooking utensils and tableware
› linen and towels
› normal use of hot/cold water
› electricity up to 330kwh per week
› a weekly change of the bed linen and towels (swimming towels are provided in most of our properties)
› garden and pool maintenance (at least once a week).

extras to be paid locally

Use of the telephone, heating, firewood, electricity over 330 kwh, air-conditioning, extra maid, cooking service, shopping service, tennis, horse-riding, mountain bike hire, unless otherwise stated in the description of the property.


Most of the villas have telephone line (see on the “facilities”). Some of them are metered and accounts must be settled upon departure. However in the majority of cases the phone lines are set up for incoming or local calls only. We highly recommend you purchase prepaid International calling cards available in news stands or tobacconists as they are extremely convenient for long distance calls.

internet connection

All the villas with a land line can have a “dial up” Internet connection ( about 56k). When we mention dedicated line for Internet it means there is a separate line used only for the connection besides the normal phone line. Modem and computer are not provided so make sure you bring your own laptop with modem and cables. Only a few properties have ADSL line, please check with the office. Please note that in certain areas of the countryside it is not possible to install the speed internet access.

rental durations

Minimum rental period is 1 week. Rentals are from Saturday to Saturday.

cooking & maid service

It is not always possible to guarantee the services of a local cook, however every effort will be made. Although some of our properties have the services of a maid; please note laundry, washing up, and ironing are considered to be extra services payable locally. The maid and cooks are not employed directly by Home in Italy so we can not take responsibility if the person becomes unavailable or is considered unsuitable.

road quality

Most roads leading to our properties are gravel roads – i.e. not made of asphalt. Spring storms can quickly reduce the quality of a road. Although the owners/caretakers will repair them as quickly as possible, we cannot take responsibility for any damage that may occur to vehicles.


Heating might be required in villas rented before May and around the middle of October onwards. The extra cost for any heating used must be paid to the key holder upon departure. Occasionally, separate gas meters can be read, but the owner usually provides a weekly estimate based on average consumption. Since costs vary and can be very high, they should be clarified at the time of booking.

insects & disturbances

Since most of our properties are situated in rural areas and are surrounded by cultivated fields, farm machinery will be used from time to time. In addition, local dogs and roosters will often wake up as soon as the sun rises in the morning. Insects are attracted to light at night-time. We advise visitors to bring appropriate repellents and ointments/sprays for mosquito bites etc.

swimming pools

The swimming pools at all our properties are open from first Saturday of May to the 1st Saturday of October, although the property owner may choose to lengthen this period. If this is a determining factor in your choice of properties, please check with our staff.

size of beds

Please note that when we specify ‘DOUBLE BED’ we mean a mattress that is 160 cm (64 inch) wide and 190 cm (76 inch) long, a ‘BIG DOUBLE BED’ is 170 cm (68 inch) wide and 190 cm (76 inch) long. So, in both cases, it is a wider than a QUEEN SIZE 150 cm (60 inch) but smaller than a KING SIZE 190 cm (76 inch). When we specify ‘FRENCH BED’ we mean a mattress about 120-130 cm (48-54 inch) wide. TWIN BEDS are two SINGLE BED 80-90 cm (32-36 inch) wide.

measurement conversion

1 cm = 0,03 feet; 1m = 1,09 yards; 1 km = 0,62 miles; 1 inch = 2,5 cm; 1 Foot = 30 cm; 1 Yard = 0,9 m; 1 Mile = 1,6 Km

credit cards

It is advisable to carry as few credit cards as possible in case of theft. Large towns and cities will gladly accept credit cards, but in rural areas cash is preferable.

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