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Apr 52021Smeralda Coast: what else? Founded by the Ishmaelite Prince Karim Aga Khan in 1962, Smeralda Coast is the most exclusive place of relaxation and vacation in Sardinia and the whole of Italy
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Founded by the Ishmaelite Prince Karim Aga Khan in 1962, Smeralda Coast is the most exclusive place of relaxation and vacation in Sardinia and all over Italy. Located north-east of the island, Mediterranean bush and rocks shaped by time typical of Gallura, flank the sea and a shimmering expanse of fine sand.
The Smeralda Coast is famous all over the world for its emerald sea, its high-quality services, its squares that are teeming with social life. It is a place where selected boutiques, aperitifs, elegant evenings, hotels and luxury villas fascinate travelers of all ages.

With its characteristic architecture, made of small, low and white buildings, with sinuous contours and perfectly inserted in the Mediterranean vegetation, the sweet and carefree life takes place in the heart of Porto Cervo, between Golfo Pevero, Pantogia and Capriccioli, and invites you to enjoy good food, shopping and sparkling nightlife.
If you have never been to the Smeralda Coast, you will certainly have seen it in some films, such as in Agent 007 "The spy who loved me" was shot in Cala di Volpe, an exclusive natural little harbor.
The priceless naturalistic value of the Smeralda Coast is linked to some places. Let's find them out: the Grande Pevero, Liscia di Vacca, with its turquoise waters, shrouded in the Mediterranean bush, Romazzino, with white beaches facing the transparent sea, and Pitrizza. Liscia Ruja, will welcome you with its small bays bordered by juniper plants that surround the turquoise sea.
Among the beautiful inlets, beaches and islets appear, such as the island of Bisce, Li Nibani, the Isola dei Cappuccini, south of Caprera, the island of Mortorio, the islets of Camere and the island of Soffi.

But this corner of paradise also offers a precious archaeological area to visit; these are the necropolis of Li Muri dating back to the second half of the 4th millennium BC, the tomb of the giants of Coddu Vecchiu dating back to the III-II millennium BC, and the Nuragic complexes of Malchittu and Albucciu, which include “nuraghe”, tomb of the giants and village of huts.
On this side of Sardinia, the shimmering expanse of fine sand is immersed everywhere in the turquoise reflections of the sea, so visiting it at least once in your life is a must!
Two granite rocks bearing the name will welcome you on arrival, one to the south, on the road from Olbia to its most renowned places, and one to the north, on the road that leads to the blue expansive Baja Sardinia.

Caprera Island

In the surrounding area, there are various interesting archaeological areas such as:

Grande Pevero
In a picturesque crescent bay in the heart of the Smeralda Coast, home of celebrities and paparazzi, it’s one of the most glamorous and exclusive beaches in the world. A few kilometers from Porto Cervo, in the territory of Arzachena, the Great Pevero stretches placidly, whose name derives from the homonymous gulf. It is an arched expanse of white and soft sand, almost impalpable, about three hundred meters long, lapped by iridescent colors of the sea, whose shades vary, in a chromatic game, from green to blue and then become, thanks to its extraordinary clarity, transparent in the shore. White polished granite rocks and green vegetation surround it, closing it in a symbolic 'embrace'. Here you can breathe the scent of centuries-old junipers. The seabed is low and gently sloping, particularly suitable for children's games and also for less experienced swimmers. During relaxing walks you will find shelter in immediately adjacent coves.
Behind it emerges the Patima pond, behind which lie well-kept golf courses that make the resort a very popular destination for passionate golfers. A short distance away, in the center of the gulf, separated by a promontory and set in a lonely and wild setting, you will find the Piccolo Pevero, less than half the length of the 'older sister', also very suggestive and appreciated.
From the beach, you will admire the group of small islands of “Li Nibani”, “the seagulls” in Gallura’s language, like the sea birds that populate them. Two and a half kilometers further south are other wonders of Porto Cervo: the beaches of Romazzino and Principe (which owes its name to the Arab prince Aga Khan founder of the Smeralda Coast) and Li Ittricceddi. At the opposite base of the 'emerald' promontory, you will be enraptured by another inlet with four small and delightful beaches: Cala di Volpe, Liscia Ruja, Petra Bianca and Petra Niedda. Still further south, however, you cannot miss the beaches of Cala Capriccioli: fine and clear sand that plunges into the blue sea, protected by yellow, pink and reddish granite rocks. A short distance from all the beaches of the Smeralda Coast you will find secure parking, bars and restaurants, diving centers, pedal boat rentals, boats and bathing equipment.
You will visit one of the symbols of the Smeralda Coast, a beautiful beach, a sought-after and élite destination for show business, cinema, finance and sport, not by chance the most exclusive golf center in Sardinia.

Grande Pevero

One of the most popular beaches of the Costa Smeralda, a wide expanse of golden sand with clear waters and, behind it, one of the best-equipped tourist centers in the north-eastern part of Sardinia
It is located on the western side of the largest and deepest “ria”, that is an inlet created by a river mouth, in the north-east of Sardinia. Cannigione, a hamlet of Arzachena, originally a fishing village, is a renowned tourist little town. Its promenade is occupied by the docks of a modern and large port. Next to it, there is the “town beach”: large-grained clear sand that plunges into a sea of infinite shades of blue. The seabed slopes gently, much appreciated by scuba and snorkeling practitioners, so much so that it has become one of the diving centers par excellence in Sardinia: do not miss a visit to the seagrass banks in various diving points, in particular to the Mortoriotto rock. Near the beach, there is also parking, equipment and boat rentals, bars, restaurants and accommodation facilities.
Near the village, there are many other beaches, from the Arzachenese gulf to the Saline di Palau: La Conca, Tanca Manna, Mannena, Barca Bruciata and Isuledda. The coast is ideal for families and young people with the possibility of choosing exclusive locations every day: Porto Cervo, Baia Sardinia, Poltu Quatu. Along the 55 kilometers of the Arzachenese coast, do not miss the coves of Lu Multiccioni and Li Capanni, the long beach of Tanca Manna and the Caribbean atmosphere of Cala Capriccioli.
Arzachena, less than ten kilometers from the village, embodies the style of the Smeralda Coast: pink granite and white stones characterize the architecture of the houses. Everywhere, green spaces, clubs and boutiques. The typical Sardinian craftsmanship and delicacies merge with luxury shopping. Boat trips depart from Cannigione to the park of the Maddalena archipelago. While, to the south, there is the Padula Saloni pond, where, among reeds, rushes and tamarisks, you can admire the red heron, the black stork, the osprey and the sultan chicken, a species that lives only in the island lagoons. Coot, gurnard, egret, mallard and sometimes the pink flamingo also inhabit brackish waters. The bushes of the pond take on a reddish color in the summer, generating extraordinary scenic effects at sunrise and sunset. To the north of the country stands Punta Occhione, covered with a carpet of the Mediterranean bush: from the top, you will enjoy the view over the whole gulf, up to the Roccia dell’Orso.
You will spend your holiday in a luxury vacation villa with all comforts, ideal for a relaxing stay and a few steps from a sandy beach with clear waters, where you can experience intense days, splendid sunsets, pleasant and exclusive evenings.

Villa Gisella, located in Cannigione



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