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Tagliatelle with fresh black truffle

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Mar 252019Tagliatelle with fresh black truffle A traditional gourmet italian recipe that is quick and easy to cook: tagliatelle al tartufo
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Earthier and more robust, black truffles from central Italy are a whole different ingredient than the white truffles from the North, which means we eat them differently, too!
 Instead of being shaved, black truffles are often grated into warm butter with a touch of garlic, salt, and pepper.
This rich, aromatic sauce is the perfect addition to the long silken strands of tagliatelle, made by our pasta artisans using simple, high-quality ingredients.

Ingredients for 2 people
- 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil
- a pat of butter
- 30 gr of grated black truffle
- 20 gr of fresh truffle
- 300 gr of home made tagliatelle

Tagliatelle with fresh black truffle

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