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Apr 292020Best beaches of Smeralda Coast, Sardinia The Smeralda Coast enchants with its crystal clear waters, pink sand, and century-old junipers
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A little “VIP”, a little wild, the Smeralda Coast enchants with its crystal clear waters, pink sand, and century-old junipers.
A sinuous belt of beaches around Gallura, a historical region in the North-East of Sardinia where you will find the most beautiful beaches of the Smeralda Coast: from Pevero to the wide Liscia Ruja alla Cinta, to the Caribbean Spiaggia del Principe, all dunes and junipers.
Along 80 km of coastline, you will find equipped coves, intimate bays, pristine refuges, historic realms of nightlife, the elegant heart of a stretch of coast, among the best known and appreciated in the world. Not only a luxurious lounge of the international jet set but also a silent paradise that defends its remote origins with determination.
Behind it there are well-kept golf courses that make the resort a popular destination for passionate golfers.

Grande Pevero
Three kilometers from Porto Cervo, in the territory of Arzachena, in a picturesque crescent-shaped bay in the heart of the Smeralda Coast, Il Pevero is embraced between the granite rocks and the verdant Mediterranean bush. It is one of the most glamorous and exclusive beaches in the world. Separated from a promontory, the waters of Piccolo Pevero and Grande Pevero are highly appreciated by VIPs and lovers of water sports, who can rent canoes, pedal boats and jet skis.
It is an arched expanse of white and soft sand, almost impalpable, about three hundred meters long, lapped by iridescent colors of the sea, whose shades vary, in a chromatic game, from green to blue and then become transparent in the shore, thanks to its extraordinary clarity. Here you can breathe the scent of centuries-old junipers. The seabed is low and gently sloping, particularly suitable for children's games and also for less experienced swimmers.
Behind it, there are well-kept golf courses, which make the resort a popular destination for passionate golfers. If you wish to stay in Porto Cervo, we recommend our luxury vacation villas for rent, located in this area.

Piccolo Pevero
A short distance away, in the center of the gulf, separated by a promontory and set in a solitary and wild context, this beach is less than half the length of the Grande Pevero. A group of small islands, Li Nibani, appears off the beach.

Cala di Volpe
Exclusive beach with luxury hotels facing the sea, fine sand in a lush bay between myrtle hedges, junipers, granite rocks overlooking a crystal clear sea. From Porto Cervo you travel 6 km south to get to the beach. In the southern part of the cove, you can spot the super VIP yachts, moored to the buoys. Who knows if you will recognize it, remembering the film “Agent 007 - The spy who loved me”, shot right in this cove.

Romazzino beach
Near Cala di Volpe and Spiaggia del Principe, there is this striking beach with unique colors, partly free and partly crossed by the beach-umbrellas of a luxury resort frequented by super VIPs. Romazzino beach, crossed by characteristic rocks, does not have services or bars. We recommend arriving early to secure a spot on the small piece of free beach. You can leave your car in the parking lot which is a few minutes walk from the sea.

The Prince beach
The Aga Khan Paradise, unspoiled and wild, is considered among the most beautiful beaches in the world, showing visitors an environment of rare beauty with fine and clear sand that plunges into the blue sea, protected by yellow, pink and reddish granite rocks.
It owes its name to Prince Karim Aga Khan, architect of the tourist development of the Smeralda Coast. This paradise of fine sand, protected by a small promontory of pink granite, is said to have been the Prince's favorite corner of Sardinia.
To reach the beach, about nine kilometers from Porto Cervo, you will have to park your car and walk, for about 10 minutes, a somewhat impervious path crossed by a lush Mediterranean bush. Try to visit it early in the morning or in the late afternoon, not to risk finding it crowded.

Liscia Ruja
Among the largest and most frequented of the Smeralda Coast, here you will find small bays crossed by junipers and white lilies that characterize the suggestive beach. The colors are very suggestive; the blue-green of the sea is intertwined with the golden color of the sand.
On the beach, there are several bathing establishments where you can rent beach-umbrellas, rafts and kayaks. The extension of Liscia Ruja will allow you to find, quite easily, a large piece of free beach.

A short distance from all the beaches of the Smeralda Coast, you will find secure parking, bars and restaurants, diving centers, pedal boat rentals, boats and bathing equipment.


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