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Mar 252020Noto, Unesco Heritage site in Sicily Noto is a splendid example of the Sicilian Baroque. Despite its modest size, it was an important Sicilian, Roman, Byzantine and then Arab center.
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Noto is a splendid example of the Sicilian Baroque. Despite its modest size, it was an important Sicilian, Roman, Byzantine and then Arab center. This charming village is perched on a plateau overlooking the Asinaro valley. Previously a medieval city named Neto, whose traces of the walls and castle are still visible. In the second half of the seventeenth century following the devastation caused by an earthquake, it was rebuilt with great mastery thanks to the efforts of important Roman architects. Their attentive work gave the village a completely new look showing the world the extraordinary beauty of the Baroque grandeur in buildings and churches.

Details of Noto

Thanks to the recent restoration works carried out in recent years, Noto has become a magnificent city of art, Unesco Heritage Site together with Caltagirone, Militello, Catania, Modica, Ragusa and Scicli.
The configuration of the new town is typically Baroque, with wide and straight streets interspersed with squares with staircases overlooked by churches and palaces.
The Cathedral of Noto or Cathedral of San Nicolò is the main place of worship and the most important in the town of Noto from an historical point of view. A Baroque jewel dating back to the eighteenth century subject to numerous renovations and restorations over the centuries, its current structure boasts a dome dating back to the nineteenth century.

Cathedral of San Nicolò

You will surely be amazed by the beauty and grandeur of this cathedral, which seems to dominate the entire historic center of Noto! Another building to visit is the Palazzo dei Principi di Nicolaci, which, recently restored to its former glory, fully represents the artistic richness and the opulence of the Netino historic center!
There are three main squares, piazza dell'Immacolata, and piazza del municipio surrounded by the town hall, the church of the Santissimo Salvatore (1791-1801), the bishop's palace and the splendid cathedral of San Nicolò (1771), distinguishable by its scenic staircase.
In the same area there are other beautiful Baroque towns, archeology lovers should not miss the Necropolis of Pantalica, also a UNESCO site, the prehistoric village of Castelluccio, and the Roman villa of Tellaro.
Noto is a perfect place to visit any time of the year: cultural visits are a valid alternative to relaxed beach days. A few kilometers away from the Vendicari Reserve, the town of Noto is one of the places not to be missed on your visit to eastern Sicily!

Vendicari Reserve

Noto will strike you for its monuments and historic buildings, for the harmony of its shapes, with an urban architecture so perfect that almost looks unreal !
It is no coincidence that it was called "The Capital of the Baroque" and its historic center was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO in 2002.
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