4 best Italian lakes for a must-try Aperitivo

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Jan 2820224 best Italian lakes for a must-try Aperitivo Italy, in addition to the very long seaside coast washed by the Tyrrhenian, Adriatic and Ionian seas, offers hundreds of lakes where you can spend a pleasant holiday. Among these, there are of course the four largest lakes whose beauty also makes them the best known: Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, and Lake Trasimeno.
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Italy, in addition to the very long seaside coast washed by the Tyrrhenian, Adriatic and Ionian seas, offers hundreds of lakes where you can spend a pleasant holiday. Among these, there are of course the four largest lakes whose beauty also makes them the best known: Lake Como, Lake Garda, Lake Maggiore, and Lake Trasimeno. The first three are grouped in northern Italy; they are pre-alpine lakes, and if you look closely at them on Google Maps they seem to partially share the oblong shape wedged between high hills and promontories. Traveling south we arrive in the beautiful Umbrian region where Lake Trasimeno is surrounded by gentle hills. Lake Trasimeno is the largest in central Italy and fourth among the Italian lakes for the area covered by water. These lakes offer some of the best places to enjoy an aperitif and experience the Italian dolce vita.

Bar Italia, Lake Como

The Italian Aperitivo, or Aperitivi for plural, is a slow, mindful drinking occasion, a pre-dinner drinking ritual typically enjoyed from 6 to 8 p.m. Aperitif hour is for sure a time when family and friends gather to enjoy small bites and appetite-stimulating tipples.
Find below some places not to be missed when you find yourself traveling in these enchanting places. Here you can experience the widely appreciated Aperitivo culture in front of the eye-catching sunset reflecting into the waters.

Como lake.
For a sophisticated and elegant happy hour, we recommend the T Bar of the Grand Hotel Tremezzo.
It is located along the western part of the lake, near the village of Tremezzo, facing the charming village of Bellagio. The hotel offers an aperitif event during which you have the opportunity to breathe some of the grandeur of the turn of the century that inspired the construction of the historic hotel.

T-Bar, Lake Como

In the village of Torno, on the lakeside, in one of the most beautiful squares of Lake Como, we find the historic Bar Italia, a place much loved by Italians who love to hang out at this place that has not forgotten the old taste of good hospitality. Despite his notoriety, it never became fashionable; here you can still breathe a family atmosphere away from the noise of the city. It is a place to be discovered, where you can also dine. Enjoying an aperitif here is like returning to a small ancient world.

Bar Italia, Lake Como

Harry's Bar is a historic place much appreciated by tourists who flock to Cernobbio but also loved by Italians. It is a renowned restaurant located in Riva di Cernobbio, in one of the most beautiful squares on the lake. The warm and elegant environment welcomes guests in a Sixties atmosphere. Simplicity and tradition are the main ingredients of the cocktails at Harry's Bar, which offers typical dishes of Italian cuisine made with fresh and seasonal products in the kitchen.
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Harry's Bar, Lake Como

Garda lake.
 Halfway between the two enchanting villages of Desenzano and Sirmione, in a relaxing and welcoming atmosphere, you will find Chiosco La Zattera, in Porto La Zattera.
 This bar is famous for the breathtaking sunsets over the lake that can be enjoyed while having an aperitif on its terrace. Excellent Spritz is served accompanied by bruschetta and appetizers in a very informal atmosphere. You sit on wooden sofas between small thatched huts set up right on the lakeshore and enjoy your relaxation!
 Also on the lakefront, La Motta New Bar overlooks the beach, set a few steps from the scenic Punta San Vigilio. If you are passing through Bardolino you can stop at Caffè Italia where you will find good cocktails with some appetizers and friendly staff. In Garda, the La Losa restaurant has a location that is worth a visit and serves excellent prosecco. Discover our luxury villas for rent in Lake Garda.

La Motta New Bar, Lake Garda

Maggiore lake.
Marconi Beach, quiet, not very sophisticated, is the perfect place to enjoy a relaxing aperitif in a beautiful location. The lounge bar is famous for the beautiful view of the Rocca di Angera, the Isolino Partegora and the Oasi della Bruschera.
Those looking for a cooler and more lively atmosphere must go as far as Stresa and visit the Ski Bar which is located on the top floor of the Hotel La Palma. Characterized by a beautiful glass terrace it overlooks Lake Maggiore and the nearby Beautiful island. Explore our collection of luxury villas in Lake Maggiore.

Castiglione del Lago Castle, Lake Trasimeno

Trasimeno lake.
 Finally, we go down to Umbria, where just ten km from the center of Perugia we discover the lake of sunsets. Its location, shape, and low border hills allow Lake Trasimeno to offer unforgettable fiery red sunsets. For a dream aperitif on Lake Trasimeno, there are many alternatives. All are perfect locations and suitable destinations for a fascinating trip, in search of relaxation and tranquility.

Acqua Dolce Lounge Bar, Lake Trasimeno

But if you are around the area, be sure not to miss Acqua Dolce Lounge Bar, located near the beautiful medieval village of Monte del Lago. The bar is perfect to enjoy the sunset over the lake with a drink in hand, listening to lounge music while enjoying the Italian Dolce Vita. The restaurant is located right in front of the lake, positioned towards the Polvese island. While you are there, a visit to Monte del Lago is highly recommended. It will surprise you with its unforgettable views.
 Alternatively, you can choose to sit at the tables of the Chiosco di San Feliciano at Lake Trasimeno: it is a unique location, directly overlooking the lake, where you can take an aperitif enjoying a splendid sunset with the sun setting between the dark water and the silhouette of the green Polvese Island.
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