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May 312024What not to miss in Lake Como Lake Como, a gem nestled in the northern Italy, is celebrated for its breathtaking scenery, luxury villas for rent, and charming towns. With an exclusive array of attractions to explore, it can be hard to decide what to see first. Here's a guide to the top must-visit spots around Lake Como that you shouldn't miss for the best Italian vacation.
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Villa del Balbianello
Situated on a promontory overlooking the lake, Villa del Balbianello is one of Lake Como's most iconic landmarks. The villa, near Lenno, is famous for its picturesque gardens and stunning architecture. The terraced gardens offer spectacular views of the lake and are meticulously maintained, making them a favorite spot for photographers and filmmakers. Villa del Balbianello has been featured in movies like "Casino Royale" and "Star Wars: Episode II – Attack of the Clones." Access the villa by boat for an unforgettable experience.

Villa del Balbianello

Villa Carlotta
Located in Tremezzo, Villa Carlotta is renowned for its expansive botanical gardens and impressive art collection. The villa, built in the 17th century, features works by celebrated artists such as Canova, Thorvaldsen, and Hayez. Wander through the terraced gardens, which are a riot of color in spring and summer with azaleas, rhododendrons, and camellias. The views from the villa over the lake are simply breathtaking, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely visit.

Villa Carlotta

I Giardini di Villa Melzi
Bellagio, often called the "Pearl of Lake Como," is home to the beautiful I Giardini di Villa Melzi. These gardens are a tranquil haven, filled with exotic plants, sculptures, and centuries-old trees. The villa itself is a neoclassical masterpiece, but it's the gardens that truly steal the show. Stroll along the shaded paths, relax by the lakeside, and enjoy the serene beauty of this enchanting place.

Villa Melzi

Cathedral of Como (Duomo di Como)
The Cathedral of Como, or Duomo di Como, is a stunning example of Gothic and Renaissance architecture. Located in the heart of Como, this cathedral is one of the most important religious buildings in Northern Italy. Its ornate facade, impressive interior, and magnificent stained glass windows make it a must-see. Don't miss the chance to explore its rich history and the beautiful artworks housed within.

Duomo Cathedral of Como

Villa Monastero
In the charming village of Varenna, Villa Monastero offers a unique blend of history and natural beauty. Once a Cistercian convent, the villa is now a museum and conference center. Its botanical garden stretches along the lakefront, featuring a diverse array of plants and trees from around the world. The villa's elegant rooms and scenic garden paths make it a delightful place to explore.

Castello di Vezio

Castello di Vezio
Overlooking Varenna, Castello di Vezio is a medieval castle that offers stunning panoramic views of Lake Como. The castle dates back to the 11th century and is surrounded by olive groves and gardens. Visitors can explore the castle's towers, dungeons, and the impressive falconry displays. The breathtaking views from the castle ramparts are well worth the hike up.

La Punta Spartivento

La Punta Spartivento
At the northern tip of Bellagio, La Punta Spartivento offers one of the best viewpoints on Lake Como. This scenic spot provides a 180-degree view of the lake, where its two branches meet. It's a perfect place to relax, take in the beauty of the surroundings, and capture some stunning photos. There are also a few charming restaurants nearby where you can enjoy a meal with a view.

Villa Monastero

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