Dreaming about sun… Sicily here we come!

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Feb 272019Dreaming about sun… Sicily here we come!  Sicily is the biggest Italian island and a charming region that has so much to offer to its visitors. It will welcome you with its bright sun, delicious food, welcoming people, impressive archaeological sites and marvelous natural scenery.
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With Christmas as a vague memory, days are now slowly beginning to lengthen and although summer is still far away, our desire to travel is champing at a bit! So let’s start daydreaming and, why not, thinking about your summer holiday… because, you know, to book a holiday is never too early!
From Agrigento to Catania, Sicily is a land of culture and natural wonders. Here, in spring time, you can already reach the shore (timidly!) and enjoy the first warm rays of the sun. Sicily is the ideal place for outdoor dining with its rich cuisine and its enchanting atmosphere between baroque and exotic.

Cathedral of Palermo

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vela bianca

 8    4    5
Sicily, Siracusa
from 7,250 to 12,250 € / week


 8    4    4
Sicily, Avola
from 6,500 to 9,500 € / week


 8    4    5
Sicily, Siracusa
from 9,600 to 19,150 € / week


 6    3    4
Sicily, Siracusa
from 3,750 to 9,600 € / week


 8    4    6
Sicily, Siracusa
from 5,350 to 10,100 € / week


 8    4    5
Sicily, Siracusa
from 10,650 to 18,600 € / week

terra contado

 8 • 12/14    6    7
Sicily, Mascali
from 5,950 to 16,400 € / week


 20    10    11
Sicily, Taormina
from 17,850 to 38,850 € / week