Otranto, far east side of Puglia

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Mar 192021Otranto, far east side of Puglia Otranto, facing towards the east, with its castle and cathedral, one of the most important witnesses of the Apulian Romanesque.
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Otranto, facing toward East with its Castle and Cathedral, truly is ne of the most important witnesses of the Apulian Romanesque. Here you can admire the large floor mosaic, millions of multicolored tiles that tell the Old Testament, the cycle of the year with the signs of the Zodiac, the tree of life along with themes from cycles of chivalry. It is one of the most important medieval mosaics of Italy.

Those who have time to take a dip in one of the most beautiful natural swimming pools, go back in the direction of Torre dell’Orso. On the coast of Roca Vecchia opens the Grotta della Poesia (Cave of Poetry), an ancient place of worship invaded by the sea, whose limestone walls are covered with mysterious inscriptions. There are many legends about the cave: such as the one of a princess who loved to bathe, to the poets who came here for inspiration. According to some, the waters of the Grotto donate eternal youth, according to others it isa place conducive to the oaths of love. Legends aside, it definitely is such a miracle of nature for all of us.

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