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Feb 192021Exploring the smallest islands of Italy The desire of visiting beautiful seas and not crowded places is fulfilled by the smallest islands of Italy, charming gems in the Mediterranean sea. Unknown to most people, they are the perfect place to spend holidays.
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The desire of visiting beautiful seas and not crowded places is fulfilled by the smallest islands of Italy, charming gems in the Mediterranean sea. Unknown to most people, they are the perfect place to spend holidays.

 Filicudi, Sicily
Flying to Sicily, it’s possible to reach Filicudi, one of the smallest islands in Italy.
It’ the perfect spot for people who are looking for enchanting landscapes, with limpid water and breathtaking views, out of the mass tourism.
Surrounded by the Tyrrhenian sea, it’s one of the seven islands of the Aeolian Archipelago. The island has a volcanic origin and the mountain, Fossa Felci, it’s an extinct volcano. Only a small part of the island is inhabited by about 270 people. The island presents coats overhanging the sea with fascinating landscapes and coasts with delightful flat beaches such as Capo Graziano.
Nature really got pleasure from creating the coasts which are real gems.
The best way to discover the island is by boat. For diving lovers, Filicudi offers clear emerald water.

 Filicudi, Sicily

Alicudi, Sicily
Alicudi is for sure the perfect island for people who want to take a break from modernity. It’s perfect to immerse yourself in nature, jump into clear water and spend the day on the beach eating fresh fish enjoying the beautiful colors of the sunset. It’s another gem in the Aeolian Archipelago, where silence is broken only by the noise of water and wind.
Alicudi doesn’t offer a lot of tourism facilities but it’s a real jewel, unknown to most people in the middle of the Mediterranean sea, is excellent for a relaxing holiday with its beaches and trips made to discover the beauty of nature.
Its shape, quite circular, has been determined by the extinct volcano that created the island.
The houses are situated on the eastern side with about 100 people living in scattered houses at the foot of the mountain or houses really close to the beach.
The most used public transport is the mule and there is only one modern comfortable hotel and some small apartments, which are very typical because they are situated close to the beach and reachable by the steep stairs of the alleyways.
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Alicudi, Sicily

Giannutri, Tuscany
Giannutri, the southernmost island in the Tuscan archipelago, is 15 kilometers far from Giglio island. This tiny island is characterized by its unmistakable half-moon shape, its wild nature with rocky coasts with all the typical colors and flavors of the Mediterranean scrub and its several craves.
Divers really appreciate the sea bed because besides of the attractiveness, they are full of amazing things to discover and ancient wrecks. For beach lovers, Cala Maestra and Cala dello Spalmatoio offer sun and clear water.
The island offers the possibility to try bird-watching of herring gulls and some other species who decided to nest here.
Giannutri has been declared Parco Marittimo and it’s part of Parco Nazionale dell’Arcipelago Toscano (Archipelago Toscano National Park), a protected naturalistic paradise.
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Giannutri, Tuscany

Isola di Montecristo, Tuscany
Alexander Dumas set his famous novel The Count of Monte Cristo in this island, one of the smallest ones in Italy, in the province of Livorno, in the middle between Italy and Corsica. Its name comes from an ancient legend that talks about a bishop from Palermo named Mamiliano that, in the V century, took shelter on the island and defeated the dragon who protected the place. Here he founded a big monastery and chose the actual name: Isola di Montecristo.
A fairy-tale place with breathtaking sunsets that fill the sky of pink shadows, a beautiful sea...in other words it’s a real paradise. Montecristo island is a nature reserve so it’s necessary permission by the State Forestry Corps to visit it.
Isola di Montecristo, Tuscany

Isola di Linosa, Sicily
Few kilometers far from Lampedusa, Linosa island is the perfect place for people looking for uncontaminated nature.
Linosa is inhabited by about 440 people and it’s excellent for diving with its overhanging reef and the clear sea bed.
In order to visit the island in a different way, it’s possible to take a ride on a moped or a trip by boat to enjoy the enchanting glimpses and landscapes.
Isola di Linosa, Sicily


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