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Jan 202023The ultimate guide for festivals in Puglia Thanks to pristine waters, sandy beaches and unspoiled countryside, this enchanting region in Southern Italy has increasingly become one of the trendiest and favoured destinations among refined travellers. If you are looking for a dreamy Italian vacation filled with sunshine, festivals and events, here you will find every inspiration for your next trip. From Bari’s historic city centre and its narrow streets to the charming Baroque architecture in Lecce, follow our top tips to immerse yourself in this vibrant region’s soul for a fully genuine experience. With our special guide, everything you need to make the most of the Apulian Festivals during the whole year is here on hand. Get ready to discover local traditions and iconic itineraries: we uncover the secrets of this resplendent region that are meant to be shared!
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Carnival Parade, Putignano
 Renowned as one of the most antiques Carnivals in the world, this local festivity surely holds a primate in Italy as its 650th edition is coming closer. One of the oldest Carnival celebrations in the world (as the citizens claim) that dates back to the year 1394, this festival is also considered to be one of the longest carnivals. In total respect of this old-century and deeply rooted tradition, the Feast begins on December 26th as a wish for a good crop and comes to an end only on Shrove Tuesday with a whimsical funeral parade. The two months of festivities finally end with the spectacular parade of allegorical floats amidst the singing of folk songs. The main character (or mask) of this cheerful event brimming with vibrant colours is Farinella, the protagonist who made his first appearance in 1953.  According to the tradition, the name derives from the local dish called farinella,  an ancient food from peasant tradition made with chickpea flour and roasted barley and best enjoyed with sauces or fresh figs.

Festive Parade, Putignano

Festival of Saint Nicholas, Bari
 As a great celebration to remember the long-awaited arrival of the Patron Saint’s relics in Bari, the festivity starts early in May with a historical procession through the narrow streets in the heart of the old city centre. During these three special days, thousands of pilgrims are attracted to Puglia every year for this very reason: taking part in the parade and accompanying a large icon of the patron’s city is an authentic experience to feel the strong bond of the locals with their cultural and religious roots. With more than 500 attendants returning the icon to the homonymous Basilica, the real feast starts only when the church’s bell rings out. The whole centre is lightened up by colourful festoons and music while a sense of enthusiasm and pride in local traditions is evident as the streets are crowded with citizens and tourists. On the third day, after the final Mass, the clear blue sky gets painted by thousands of fireworks signing the end of the celebration. 

Saint Nicholas, Patron Saint of Bari

Locus Jazz Festival, Locorotondo
 Get in the groove with the Locus Festival, one of the symbols par excellence of the Apulian summer and one of the main pillars of the Italian music season, coming back again this summer in constant search of beauty and and original sounds. For this edition, the "sun" of this great musical feast expands its rays and welcomes new places and  stories, in a surprising and unprecedented journey through the beauty of Puglia. Locus festival has always distinguished itself with a perfect balance between the quality and popularity of the artistic proposals. Started from a local dimension in 2005, in the small and cosy historic centre of Locorotondo, it grew soon to an international level, with an evident global inspiration developed with love and dedication throughout all these years. Everything in Locus, including the logo, name and the local context is “glocal”, as the perfect mélange between deep roots in the local culture and a panoramic global view over the international scene to increase tourism awareness and overcome geographical boundaries.

Locus Music Festival, Locorotondo

Wine in South Festival, Lecce
 Usually held during August, Vini A Sud is much more than a festival, as it is planned as an authentic journey filled with emotions and knowledge through Apulian territories, vibrant colours and fruity perfumes of the greatest vineyards. Accompanied by the enchanting storytelling of local experts about the territory while sipping the genuine tastes of southern wines immersed in the vibrant landscape of the historic city of Lecce. This wine festival has become over the years a reason for pride and a renowned event to promote the excellence of wine and culinary products.

Vini a Sud Festival, Lecce

Trulli houses, Alberobello
 Even without a particular festival, every period during the year is perfect to visit one of the most sought-after destinations in Puglia. On the extended hill situated in the south of Valle d’Itria, you can find the oldest part of Trulliland: Rione Monti. Eight roads in 15 hectares outline what has been considered for more than a century National Monument and UNESCO world heritage site. On this hill, 1031 trulli and about 3000 inhabitants can be counted. This place in Alberobello is one of the most magical spots of Puglia that with its typical alleyways represents the heart and symbol of this south-Italy region. Trulli are a reflection of the colourful atmosphere in this fascinating city with a peculiar landscape punctuated by roof-cone stone-walls buildings. Going for a walk in Rione Monte means immersing in the history appreciating the typical architecture of trulli and the distinguishing places: from the main and charming streets via Monte San Michele, via Monte Nero, via Monte Pasubio to the tiny alleyways and Sant’Antonio Trullo-shaped church. The eight small roads climb the hill through a fairy-tale village like a timeless living sculpture made of limestone. Several small grey stones, one on the other, covered with white lime sparkling under the sun like in a dream.

Alberobello, Val d'Itria

The best villas to rent in Puglia
 Pick one of our traditional masserias or opt for one of our newly refurbished trullos to enjoy your luxury vacation in Puglia, one of the most beautiful and unspoilt regions of Italy. What are you waiting for? Contact us and start planning your brand new Italian vacation with our top tips and high-end concierge service. We will go above and beyond to ensure you a once-in-a-lifetime vacation!

Trullo Dauni, Cisternino


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