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Discovering Puglia: Alberobello

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Jan 222021Discovering Puglia: Alberobello Located in the heart of Itria Valley Alberbello is a gem to discover.
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The view gets lost in colored glimpses of lands and grass, little hills that go down to the valley, continuing the breathless landscape. This is the Itria Valley, in the southend part of the Murgia area. Here Alberobello stands up, with its Trulli.

Somewhere you have to visit it at least once. The old town is almost entirely trulli and quite spectacular, a trip into fairyland. Don't miss the 2-storey Trullo Savrano. Plenty of restaurants and wonderful little shops full of handicrafts at very reasonable prices. Free wine tasting in many of the shops. Many of the shopkeepers invite you in to view their goods but don't be put off by this. They won't be offended if you don't buy - they are just so proud of their products and want to share them with you. Great hand made woollen and linen goods at exceptional prices.

Sunsets, dawns, star-spangled nights and snowfalls give to the Trulli always a new guises. This is magic even for the local citizens!

The "TRULLI'S VALLEY" also known as Valle d'Itria, is placed in the heart of the tableland of Murgia which is called "Murgia of the Trulli", represents an environmental and cultural icon that has always been mentioned in tourist hyperbolic descriptions. It is a town spread in the extent of the valley with more than twenty thousands home settlings homogeneous in the essential structure (Trullo), but variously elaborated and employed according to the specific and individual requirements.

There is not a tourist that visiting Puglia doesn’t stop in Alberobello, bewitched by the beauty of a land that seems so far from the rest of the world.

Puglia has never been so charming; start discover it, check out our lovely proprierties in Puglia and surrounding by clicking here.



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