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May 122020Top attractions in Capri Famous international tourist resort since the second half of the nineteenth century, Capri has always been associated with glamorous and élite tourism. A photograph that only partially reflects the island which, for a long time, owes its fortunes to cruise tourism and day trips.
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The main merit of the Capresi lies in the ability to reconcile these aspects, capable of making the "dream" more accessible, without however selling it off.
At the end of the nineteenth century, and still throughout the first half of the twentieth century, Capri and Anacapri were filled with elegant villas, thanks to the most demanding tycoons. Different styles - from neoclassical to gothic, through liberty - just as the sensibilities, attitudes and sometimes vices of the clients of these prestigious residences were various.

Aerial view

As for the things to do, a stop in the square is a must.
Having an aperitif or an ice cream in the Piazzetta is almost an obligation. A look at the panorama, some photos of the views all around and then off into the alleys and streets of Capri.

Piazzetta, Capri

The stop at the magnificent Blue Grotto is something you can’t miss.
As soon as you land in the port of Marina Grande, you can find the boats that take you to the cave, touring the whole island. Once on the spot, you need to pass on the traditional rowing boats that accompany tourists in the blue of this wonderful ravine, protected by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage.
The Gardens of Augustus are an indispensable stop for anyone who wants a photo with the background of the Faraglioni, the famous rocks of Capri. Crowded all day, it is preferable to visit them in the morning and evening, to take the best photos.
Below the Gardens of Augustus, there is the splendid Via Krupp, the winding road, "whim" of the German industrialist Friedrich Alfred Krupp. Unfortunately, due to the risk of landslides, it is almost always closed and therefore it can only be admired from the Gardens of Augustus.

Blue Grotto, Capri

Via Camerelle is the shopping street of Capri. Here you will find top-level boutiques, hotels and jewelers. Even just walking, however, is worth: the elegance, cleanliness and composure of this road do not leave indifferent the thousands of tourists, who daily disembark on the island.

Via Camerelle, Capri

Via Tragara is the natural continuation of the walk on Via Camerelle. The road ends with the beautiful Belvedere Tragara, which offers one of the most beautiful views of Capri. The Faraglioni, three rocky peaks located south-east of the island, from that point, are so close that it seems you can touch them.
On the right, however, there are the houses of Capri perched on the slopes, Monte Solaro and the bay of Marina Piccola.

Below the Belvedere Tragara, a marvelous and demanding walking route that includes 770 steps, leads to the Natural Arch and to Pizzolungo. Following the path, you can see, perfectly inserted in the luxuriant Mediterranean bush of this stretch of coast, the villa of Curzio Malaparte, a masterpiece of rationalist architecture of the '900.

Villa San Michele is located in Anacapri, about 300 meters above sea level. Work of the Swedish physician Axel Munthe, the villa has been used for many years as a museum that houses finds from the Roman age, personally discovered by Munthe around the island, along with other works of art.
Villa San Michele can be visited every day, all year round.

Villa San Michele, Capri

With its 589 meters above sea level, Monte Solaro is the highest peak on the island. The easiest and most comfortable way to get there is the chair lift located in Piazza Vittoria in Anacapri.
The panorama embraces the two gulfs of Naples and Salerno, the island of Ischia and the legendary Faraglioni. If desired, you can also walk up, an option that is however more advisable for the descent, certainly less tiring and within everyone's reach.

Non-Catholic cemetery
From the second half of the nineteenth century, people from all over the world came to Capri - and still do - from Germany and England above all, but also from Russia and the United States. Famous people, men of culture but also many young Northern Europeans who landed on the island for the beneficial virtues of the Mediterranean climate.
As a result of such mixing of races, the need arose to ensure proper burial also to Anglicans and Jews, and people of different religious beliefs than to Catholicism.

Boat tour
As for the transshipment to the Blue Grotto, as soon as you land in Marina Grande you will find all the information for the boat tour of the island. The formulas are different: from the organized tour, designed mainly for the one-day tourist, to the rental of a motorboat with the driver. However, the tour of the island is a "must" for anyone visiting Capri.

Boat tour

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