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Aug 312020The best trekking parks in Tuscany Discover the best trekking parks in Tuscany and dive into nature!
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Much of the fame that Tuscany has gained in the world is undoubtedly linked to the artistic and cultural treasures it preserves, but also to some of the most famous Italian natural landscapes. It is obvious to mention the Chianti hills and the Terre di Siena, which represent the various faces of Tuscan nature.
To get to know these beauties, there is nothing better than visiting the three national parks and the three regional Tuscan parks at a slow pace. Here you can find a roundup of suggestions and ideas to tickle your curiosity.

Tuscan-Emilian Apennine National Park
This beautiful park could be called "park of the giants" because here you can find some of the highest peaks of the northern Apennines. Their profiles are immense backs folded and softened by the years, where the ridge paths gently climb, hovering between two regions and two worlds: the Po valley, in the northeast, and the Mediterranean one in the southwest.
Walking on these heights means crossing the paths of history: those of the salt and the pilgrims, but also those of the armies, who have often fought on the Apennine border during the Second World War.

National Park of the Casentinesi Forests
The distinctive feature of this National Park, alongside nature, is spirituality. They also call it "The park of sacred forests", an expression that masterfully summarizes, in a handful of words, all the suggestions of a territory. The ancient hermitages of the Park territory, such as that of Camaldoli, are islands of peace and introspection, dispersed and at the same time protected in the vegetable ocean that surrounds them. Getting to these places by walking in front of the big trees of the forest is not only a physical path. By treading the same stones and resting in the shade of the same branches, perhaps we will be able to better understand the reasons and references of the beauty and spirit that brought monks and hermits to these places.

National Park of the Tuscan Archipelago
Like the green one in the Casentinesi Forests, the sea, the blue one, is the protagonist in the Tuscan Archipelago National Park. The seven islands of the Tuscan Archipelago have their history written in the rocks (from the granite of Monte Capanne, on the Elbe, to Capraia and to the limestones of Giannutri) and the paths that run through them are like the flowing of the lines of a text.

Regional Natural Park of the Apuan Alps
Rock is the heart of the Apuan Alps Regional Natural Park. From the fatigue and sweat of generations of Apuan quarrymen and stonemasons in the world came the beauty of immortal works of art. On the way along the paths, you will encounter dizziness of beauty and spirits of freedom, with centuries of history to understand and a universe of mountains, woods and rocks to breathe.

Regional Park of Migliarino San Rossore and Massaciuccoli
The charm of the Migliarino San Rossore and Massaciuccoli Regional Park hangs in the balance between land and water, unspoiled nature and human hand.
To those who walk along the shores of the lake or on the paths suspended above the swamp, we can launch two challenges. One for the view: will you be able to see the infinite variety of lives that inhabit the Park among the chiaroscuro of the reeds? The other for hearing: perhaps you will catch in the chaotic clamor of calls, rustles and croaks that subtle melody that Giacomo Puccini here, from his home on the shores of the lake, wanted to listen to for a lifetime and which certainly inspired his most beautiful works.

Maremma park
Tuscan nature is also legend and wild mystery. Maremma is the place that evokes all these suggestions. Today the hills of the Uccellina Mountains and the marshes that extend at their feet no longer inspire the fear of the past. However, by immersing yourself on foot among the paths of the Maremma Regional Park, between the Mediterranean bush and the prickly scrub shrubs, which in spring bloom with a myriad of keeping orchids, it will not be difficult to find the sense of aching beauty that inspired several artists.

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