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Guests reviews

  • Don Andrea is a remarkable villa, which we three couples very much enjoyed. I highly recommend it. The staff for the villa were friendly and responsive. The cooking class and dinner were fun and delicious. Home in Italy was a pleasure to work with, friendly, professional and helpful. Serena, our concierge, was great to work. I very much valued her help. I would definitely use Home in Italy for future rentals in Italy. They have excellent properties and an efficient, professional process.

    Michael Holmes (USA) - don andrea - October 2021

  • We would absolutely recommend this villa!!! Home in Italy provided a wonderful and outstanding service before and during travel and helped us with every detail. Staff in the villa was very good and cleanliness was excellent. Thank you so much for a wonderful experience. We had such a lovely time, an amazing time, and it is because of you and your services!! You answered every question, every request and so promptly. We couldn’t have made this trip without you. Arrivederci!!!

    Jill Carbonelli (USA) - lunablu - October 2021

  • I just want to say that we are SO thankful to you and your entire team for making this the trip of a lifetime. The home, the service, the staff were above and beyond our expectations. Our families were so happy we wouldn't have changed a thing. You have a wonderful team and know we are looking forward to planning our next stay with you. The chef brought in for our cooking class is featured on The Food Network in Italy! That just gives you insight on the people Homes in Italy has in their sphere.

    Stephanie Militello (USA) - pegaso - September 2021

  • I would like to thank you and your team for an exceptional and very responsive service. The Concierge service did an incredible job in supporting us with all our needs and requests in the most effective manner. We will most definitely be using your agency again and will also recommend it to friends who are visiting Italy. Once again, thank you for all your support and kindness.

    Tamara Tawil (CH) - delfi - August 2021

  • Excellent service every step of the way. The uncertainty due to Covid resulted in countless questions to the Home in Italy staff. We always received prompt, thoughtful and accurate responses that were immensely helpful and made our trip much less stressful and therefore much more enjoyable than it otherwise would have been. Impeccable service during our stay: Home in Italy responded quickly to all our questions and helped us secure all the services we requested from their trusted partners, sometimes on very short notice.

    Anna Ingimundardóttir (IS) - medusa - June 2021

  • Our stay at villa Ada was fabulous! Thank you so much for the recommendations, accommodation and kind hospitality. This villa is incredibly beautiful and we hope to be back one day! Thank you again!

    The Rasmussen Family (USA) - ada - July 2021

  • Honestly I found your assistance outstanding and it was always a joy reading from you. You can be sure that I will recommend Home in Italy in every aspect to others.

    Jan Rummel (DE) - lucina - June 2021


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